Nagarahole Tiger Reserve

Declared a Tiger Reserve in 2003, the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve spreads across the districts of Coorg and Mysore in Karnataka. The reserve spans over 600 sq. km. and forms part of the larger Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

Whether exploring the diverse flora and fauna of Nagarhole Tiger Reserve or experiencing the warmth of the surrounding communities, this region promises an enriching and rejuvenating retreat for all who venture here.

nocturnal walk

Quick Facts

Area: 600 sq.km

Flora: Dry-deciduous and moist-deciduous, dominated by large plantations of teak. The park is famous for its Hadlu or Shallow Clayey Valley bottoms, which contain swamp savannas.

Fauna: This reserve is home to a diverse range of carnivores and herbivores, featuring species like Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Asian wild dog, Sloth bear, Asian elephant, Gaur, Sambar, Chital, Muntjac (barking deer), four-horned antelope, wild pig, mouse deer, and south-western langur. Over 300 species of birds, both resident and migratory, have been recorded and documented.

Annual Rainfall: 1000 mm to 1500 mm.