Machaan Wilderness Lodge, Nagarahole 

Come Back to Nature - Explore the Forest at Nagarahole

Nestled in the heart of nature, Machaan Wilderness Lodge welcomes you to an adventure in the untamed beauty of Nagarahole. Explore the wilderness through days filled with thrilling safaris, tranquil moments amidst lush greenery, and encounters with diverse wildlife. Days here unfold with exhilarating safaris, immersing you in the rich biodiversity of Nagarahole. Stroll along nature trails, savouring the sights and sounds of the forest, and indulge in peaceful moments amidst this green oasis. Delve into thrilling explorations, relish local flavours, and engage in curated activities led by our expert naturalists. This is your gateway to an unforgettable journey amidst the enchanting beauty of Nagarhole's wilderness.


Machaan Plantation Resort, Sakleshpur 

A Getaway to Explore the Western Ghats in Karnataka

Nestled within Karnataka's Western Ghats, Machaan Plantation Resort invites you to explore the majesty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sahyadri mountain range—a globally recognized biodiversity hotspot. Days here are meant for wandering through hills, birdwatching, leisurely strolls amidst coffee plantations, discovering a 600-year-old temple, and witnessing spectacular sunsets, revelling in the hues of dusk along hidden trails. Each day is a deep immersion into Sakleshpur's tranquil beauty amid the Western Ghats. Explore trails, savour local cuisine, and engage in leisure activities guided by our in-house naturalists. This is the perfect getaway to embrace the captivating landscape of Sakleshpur.