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Multiple hills in the region provide easy and challenging climbs and reward you with scenic views of the region. We would be more than happy to help organise a trek. (Good to Know: Ethina Bhuja, the starting point is 15-minutes away from Machaan Sakleshpur.)


Nature Walk

Immerse yourself in the local flora and fauna with a guided walk led by our in-house naturalist.

Sunset Hikes

Enjoy a scenic sunset hike, accompanied by a cup of coffee and freshly baked delights from our bakery. (Moderate fitness level required)

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Coffee Estate Exploration

Enjoy a guided tour of the coffee estate and understand the detailed process of growing coffee.

Malnad Estate Life

Our resort in Sakleshpur invites guests to immerse in the authentic Malnad Estate Life. Join our Estate Manager or staff for a guided tour through the lush coffee estate, where you'll learn about the intricate process of coffee cultivation, offering a unique insight into the local agricultural practices and traditions.

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Outdoor meeting space at Machaan Sakleshpur

Outdoor Private Dining

Savour a candlelit dinner with a delectable full-course meal in an exclusive, secluded spot.

Bonfire Evenings

As lights dim, the bonfire comes to life. Spend your evenings outdoors under the stars, gathered around the inviting glow.

BBQ Nights at Machaan Sakleshpur

BBQ Nights

Adding a sizzle of flavour to your evenings under the stars, BBQ nights can be organised for groups and families of more than 10.