Machaan Wilderness Lodge & Spa Nagarhole, South Coorg

Churicad, K Badaga, Ponnampet, South Kutta, Karnataka - 571250
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Machaan Wilderness Lodge in Nagarahole

Nestled in a coffee plantation in South Coorg, Machaan Wilderness Lodge Nagarahole is conveniently located just an hour from Mysore, near the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve. A perfect getaway for nature enthusiasts, the lodge attracts a vibrant array of birds and wildlife. Embark on an unforgettable adventure with us, with forest safaris, curated outdoor experiences, and explorations of nature, your perfect getaway in the wilderness.

Luxury Machaan overlooking Hadlu


Our three room types are thoughtfully spread across the property, each with its own unique charm and ambience, offering the perfect blend of wilderness and rustic luxury.



Indulge in the culinary delights of The Fig Tree Kitchen at Machaan Wilderness Lodge. Our open-air restaurant presents a 180-degree forest and coffee estate panorama, serving exquisite Indian cuisine with a Coorgi twist, using the freshest local ingredients. 

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Our pool is nestled amidst coffee plants and trees, providing a natural oasis. Our spa at the lodge is your serene escape for unwinding and relaxation.


Embark on thrilling jungle safaris, guided nature walks, and exclusive coffee plantation tours with our seasoned naturalists at Machaan Wilderness Lodge. From captivating birdwatching expeditions to specialized guided trails for kids, our enriching experiences ensure memorable adventures for every visitor, offering insights into both the wild and the art of coffee cultivation.

Leopard at Nagarhole Tiger Reserve
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Explore Nagarahole

Whether exploring the diverse flora and fauna of Nagarahole Tiger Reserve or experiencing the warmth of the surrounding communities, this region promises an enriching and rejuvenating retreat for all who venture here.